Current Hymns Alive OWNERSnhalogoOFFER from PAVE


is a completely

RE-Mastered set of CD's

CURRENT "Hymns Alive" Owners may "trade in" their old set for $99.95 plus $6.05 shipping. see below for instructions

ADD BINDER with order (Binder $25 plus $10 shipping = $35)

Please Call to ORDER: Phone 800-354-9667

No need to ship the old set back.

See below for detailed instructions and samples.


* On 24 Compact Discs instead of 33

* Much LOUDER, be careful when you first start using them.

* Short INTRODUCTION on every hymn.

* Short ending chord on all stanzas.

* Cheaper - $259.00 + $16 shipping in US

* 719 hymns on 24 CD's
* Superb Quality
* Quality Bonded Leather binder 
* Traditional responses on every disc, 
692 "The Lord Is in His Holy Temple", 
660 "Glory Be to the Father", 
684 "Hear Our Prayer, O Lord", 
694 "Praise God, From Whom All...", 
......."Jesus Loves Me" or 
......."Jesus Loves the Little Children"




      INSRUCTIONS to Replace Discs

      1. Find old set of "Hymns Alive"
      2. Take out the complete contents, Index and CD's from the binder.
      3. You may keep the plastic binder pages.
      For copyright reasons you must discard the old CD's or you may keep them as a backup set.
      You may not sell them, or give them away.
      4. Insert new CD's and Index that you receive from us.
      5. If you need a new binder see above.

      Sample Hymns:

      Hymns on CD's have NO "hiss in the background"